A Review of Spring Cleaning

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spring cleaningSpring cleaning is the process in which the house is cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom and mostly this is done during the spring period. The act of spring cleaning is mostly done during the warm periods of the year.

Spring cleaning dates as back as Iranian Norouz period which was the Persian New Year. This day is normally on the first day of the spring period. The activities of spring cleaning are disused below.
Clearing of clutter around the home and organizing the area.

One should eliminate all clutter that isn’t used in the area. All the items that aren’t in use should be boxed for easy elimination. If possible the items could be donated to the less fortunate or even sold so as to earn some extra income. When all clutter has been cleared, cleaning becomes very easy and fast to. We all know how we love holding things during the winter period but as soon as spring comes, it should be the high time you lose those items.

Involving friends and family.

Involving friends and family will make the process not only useful but also interesting as you will be able to spend some good quality time together. Laziness will also be discouraged during the spring cleaning. Doing the cleaning by yourself is tiring and will take more time but as soon as you involve friends and family, the process will take a shorter time and less energy will be used.

Items to clean.

The windows should be washed, grills cleaned and the patio furniture should also be cleaned from time to time. The winter clothes should be stored and a cleaning list should be made during the spring period.

Items to use for the cleaning process.

Microfiber cloths and brushes should be used during the cleaning process. Only clean water should be used and some disinfectants can be added into the water so as to eliminate germs and hence reduce chances of contracting diseases. All areas including the kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom and dining room should be cleaned during the spring period.
Spring cleaning is very important due to the fact that it tend to remove the stuck feeling after the winter period. This will help to freshen up the area and hence get ready for the spring and even summer. The spring cleaning should be fun and a lot of time and resources have to be used so as to have good results and hence the desired results will be achieved.

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