Cold Storage Construction Services

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For over 40 years, Southwest Vault Builders has been offering commercial clients cold storage construction solutions. As an experienced cold storage construction services with decades of experience, we understand the unique challenges that refrigerated warehouse construction can provide. From assisting you with the initial design of your cold storage facility, through the complexities of building a reliable refrigerated warehouse or storage facility, Southwest Vault Builders offers comprehensive solutions for a wide range of commercial clients to keep food, medicines, and other products cold even during the hottest months of the year.

Food and Beverage Warehouses

Perishables justify their name because the slightest variance in temperature can ruin millions of dollars’ worth of valuable goods. Southwest Vault Builders will help you design and implement a comprehensive warehouse solution to ensure that your food and beverages are sealed airtight, maintaining optimal efficiency and temperature control.

With decades of experience in constructing food and beverage warehouses, Southwest Vault Builders understands which insulation materials, warehouse designs, and access points will work best to keep your meat, vegetables, fruits, or dairy chilled to exactly the right temperature. We understand that poor workmanship can lead to draughts or poor temperature control, which is why we stand by our work, ensuring that your company uses a minimal amount of energy to keep your valuable perishables perfectly chilled.

Medical and Biological Storage

Designing and building a cold storage facility for medical and biological storage requires a high level of precision and skill. At Southwest Vault Builders, we understand that even slight changes in temperature can contaminate or ruin biological specimens, so we build all of our medical and biological storage facilities to the highest possible standards of reliability and precision. Whether you are storing blood, forensic evidence, or other forms of medical and biological samples, we can build a cold storage facility to suit your needs.

Southwest Vault Builders offers a comprehensive range of cold storage solutions for medical and biological storage, ranging from standard refrigeration needs to cryogenic storage needs as low as minus 150 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerated Warehouses

We have worked with small companies, as well as industry leaders like Anhauser-Busch and Frito-Lay to design comprehensive refrigerated warehouse solutions. Southwest Vault Builders will work with you to design and impelment the right refrigerated warehouse solution to protect your valuable inventory, supplies, and equipment.

With a wide range of government contacts, vendors, and experienced contractors, Southwest Vault Builders will make sure that your refrigerated warehouse is planned, approved, and built in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Freezer Warehouses

Keeping packaged food, perishables, and industrial parts at consistently low temperatures requires special knowledge and experience. At Southwest Vault Builders, we have the skills and materials necessary to make sure that your food or other products are reliably kept frozen to the exact temperature that you specify. We have over four decades of experience in building, designing, and repairing freezer warehouses, understanding exactly how to choose the right insulation and layout to maximize perfect temperature control.

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